Hello world!

In the name of Allah.
This is Md. Faisal. I’m undergraduate student of B.Sc in Electronics & Communication Engineering , 2nd year. I’m starting this blog using wordpress. Here you guys will get some interesting and different types of content which I’m going through.
You can visit my other website which is engr-faisal.co.nr.

I like to live simple & much easier life. I believe “Life is short but work is lot..” Do something for human , do something for others. I believe my creator , My almighty. And always try to keep in mind “Do for Allah & Allah will do for you”.

Contact Info.
E-mail : faisal11vcv [at] yahoo [dot] com
Web : www.engr-faisal.co.nr
Blog : www.faisal11vcv.blogspot.com