Adobe Flash 10 pre-releases version for 64-bit Linux

This month Adobe released Adobe Flash Player 64-bit for Linux. At last, people can watch song, game, internet video on 64-bit Linux desktop and laptop, just like all of my 32-bit.

What’s really interesting is that this is Adobe’s first 64-bit release of Flash. That is, Linux users got it first, before users of Windows Vista x64 and and MacOS X. It probably does not mean anything, especially since Adobe has mentioned 64-bit flash will be released at the same time across platforms, but you can’t help but feel good inside.

Those who use Adobe Flex don’t need to worry at all. Flex-3, the new version of Flex was designed to work with Flash Player 9. Now all Flex-created content will continue to function as expected with Flash Player 10. To build Flex content that takes advantage of the new features, developers will need the latest Flex SDK daily builds, which support export to SWF 10.

So no need to search here and there you can download it now by click here . Don’t forget to report good bugs.

Update: Some quick notes…
The tarball provided on the labs website is not the conventional Adobe Flash installer–it just contains the plugin. To use the plugin, drop the .so file into your ~/.mozilla/plugins/ directory.
Make sure to uninstall your npviewer-powered 32-bit Flash completely (disabling the plugin within Firefox is not enough).