Project AutoVESTS

Autonomous Vehicle System using Traffic Sign Recognition or Auto VESTS.

This is my final year project at university. The concept of the project is – A car which will move and turn different directions without any human support. So, this car can drive autonomously and can detect and recognize traffic sign. Now I want to include some advantages of this project which might distinguish our project from others.

  • One of the major advantage I’d like to add is cost. Our system is very much cost effective and materials which we have used was not expensive at all.
  • For Capturing image from real world we used Mobile CAM. Resolution is a fact but performance moderate so far.

We used several image descriptors for image detection and recognition. Nokia 5800 as webcam. We’ve developed circuit for switching purpose. Parallel port for interfacing system.
Check this video ……….
Click here Project AutoVEST” or,

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