Presentation on SEA-ME-WE-4

Today I made my presentation at the Fiber optics & Optical Communication Engineering class conference, my topic was SEA-ME-WE-4 (South East Asia- Middle East – Western Europe – 4) and found that I had too much to cover in too little time. Most interesting part was everyone had only 7min time. But I managed to get through it and received some kind remarks from some of those in attendance.

If anyone would like to know about SEA-ME-WE-4 you can download this presentation.


Game Character Design

During the development of my new flash game The Carpet : Rescue the Kids I needed to create some game characters. At first I thought I will ask my artist friend for this task but at that time he was little busy at office work. So I thought I will make this. Here some characters which I have created. I really wanted to go for a stylized look. At that point I just tried to make the character more suitable for the game. By the way for designing those character I used Adobe Flash and some final touch in PS.

Game Character Design

Game Character for The Carpet