Make Vampiric hand for webpage

During the developing my homepage which is virtual FS, I was tried to bring some vampiric design on it. So, for that purpose I have create a hand which holding an old paper. I think it looks like vampiric :D.
It is very simple and it tooks only 20 min . Now.. lets see how it was happen…..

Hand Sketch:

At first I make a Hand sketch using normal Pen tool in PS. then after finishing sketch it looks like this…

Hand Sketch

Hand Sketch

Then its time to fill hand sketch with appropriate color. I choose #E9CF9B value for hand color.

Fill with Color

Fill with Color

Nail sketch And Add Shadow

Then Sketch nail and also fill with color #A38D1E. Then adjust color brightness, contrast, saturation, gradient map, curves; here I used
a parabolic curve. Then it becomes ….

Shadow and Nail

Shadow and Nail

Make Realistic

Now its up to you. How more and more realistic photo you can make.:)
I chooce an old paper and bring my hand art on it.

Final Touch

Final Touch

Finally I add this in to my homepage.

Virtual FS Homepage

Virtual FS Homepage

And thats it ……………… enjoy ;)

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